Important Information

Statement of Behaviour Principles

We fully understand the influence and impact that forms of behaviour play in determining the success within the school for all pupils and adults and in the forming of the whole school ethos.

We will aim to nurture in the individual an awareness and responsibility for their own attitudes, decisions and actions and a recognition of their consequences.

In the context of our school environment, our policy supports the agreement and fulfilment of school aims and set procedures that consistently insist on positive behaviour from all individuals which meet the expectations, needs, and aspirations of everyone; establishing respect, safety and opportunities for success for others and self.

We understand that schools are ever changing and recognise that there are times when we need to adapt and respond immediately to those changes as and when they occur.

Registration, Attendance & Punctuality

Attendance registration is carried out at the beginning of each morning and afternoon session using SIMS registration system. Parents and carers are asked to contact the school office, before 9.15 am. If a child is unable to attend school.  They should give the reason for the non-attendance, via telephone or letter, and advise us when the child will return.  If this is not known parents should keep us up-to-date on a daily basis. Children who arrive to school late report to our main office, before joining their class. In-line with the Local Authority’s Attendance and Punctuality Policy, our school keeps a record of those children who arrive, or are collected, late. The Local Authority’s Welfare Officer monitors our late record, as well as attendance records weekly. If appropriate, the Welfare Office contacts parents/carers, via letters and home visits, to discuss attendance and punctuality issues.  Appropriate action is taken if necessary. If a parent wishes to remove a child from school during the course of the day this may only be granted:

  • by production of an appointment card from a doctor/dentist, clinic etc to the main office;
  • with the permission of the Headteacher, or a member of the Senior Management Team under other circumstances.

The school telephones parents and carers on the first day of absence where no valid contact has been made. Sick and Injured children

First Aiders

First aiders are on duty at all times.

School procedure

If a child complains of feeling unwell, they are usually accompanied to our welfare officer.  If a child is too sick to be moved they will be supervised by a responsible adult until a first aid officer arrives.

Possible Outcomes

  • The child is examined then advised to return to class.
  • The child is examined then parent/carers are called to collect the child and take him/her home;
  • In severe cases of illness an ambulance is requested.

In all events, parents and carers are informed.


We do not administer medicines, unless they form part of an official  care-plan.

Collection of children at the end of the school day

A letter is sent home at the beginning of each year requesting that parents inform the school of the collection arrangements for their child.

Late Collection

All children that are not collected on time will be considered as a “late collection”.  This means that class teachers will take children to the school office where a record of the lateness will be recorded. On collection of late children, parents and carers will be asked to give a reason for the late collection.  This is recorded in the late book which is monitored by the Education Welfare Officer on a weekly basis.  Regular and persistent late collections are followed up by the Education Welfare Officer and, if necessary, local authority agencies. At 3.25 p.m. the school office will begin telephoning the parents and cares of “late children”.  If the school is unable to contact parents/carers, or if children are not collected by 4p.m, the school will begin contacting local authority agencies, including social services. Forest Gate Police Station will be called in all cases, where children are still waiting to be collected at 5 p.m. All Clubs finish at 4.30 p.m. If Parents/ Carers want their child to be collected, they are expected to collect them promptly. If children are collected late from a club more than once, they will loose their place in the club. As above, Forest Gate Police Station will be called in all cases, where children are still waiting to be collected at 5 p.m.

Parking and Road Safety


For the health and safety of the all, we encourage parents, carers and children to walk or cycle to school where possible.  If children are driven to school, we insist that drivers adhere to speed limits as well as stopping and parking restrictions in the vicinity of the school. Cars must not stop on the yellow zigzag lines outside the school entrances. Such action presents a danger to all.


Children are encouraged to bring bicycles into school once they have passed their cycling proficiency test.  Children riding bicycles are expected to wear safety clothing and head wear.  When they arrive at school they should report to the school office for assistance with our secure bicycle shed.  Children should then secure their bicycles in the school’s bicycle shed using a secure bicycle D lock or lock and chain.  School staff will then secure the bicycle shed.

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