PE and Sports

PE and physical activity play a very important part in the school lives of pupils here at St James’, our children have access to a minimum of two hours of high quality P.E, sport and physical activity each week. Our Physical Education curriculum intention is to enthuse and inspire pupils to participate fully and develop a foundation for lifelong health and wellbeing. Our bespoke Physical Education curriculum develops our children’s physical competence and confidence, leading to participation in sports and activities throughout childhood and beyond. High quality PE is taught systematically, whereby children make progress through repetition and rehearsal of key skills and knowledge; building on these and eventually leading to automaticity.

Our bespoke curriculum has carefully been designed to provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident within all areas including dance, gymnastics, athletics, games, swimming and outdoor adventurous activities through a broad and balanced curriculum. Not only are the skills learnt applicable to a variety of physical activities, we believe that wider learning within social, affective and cognitive domains can also make a major contribution to the lives of all children.

Here at St James’ we also run a range of after-school clubs including football, netball, Table Tennis, Gymnastic, Multi-sports and Fencing fun sports to promote exercise participation, creativity and healthy living. We employ coaches to provide specialist training in specific sports and we provide a variety of high quality equipment to engage and support all of our pupils.

All our outdoor PE lessons are taught by qualify PE coach (Premier Education)


At St James’ Junior School, we believe in the importance of competitive sport. In recognition of this, we look to enter as many local and competitions as we are able to. In the past year, teams have represented the school in the following sports and activities: football, basketball, cricket, mixed sports and athletics. Within such events, children develop SMSC values including respect, fair play, resilience, team work and an appreciation for international differences in physical activities.

Sports Days

At St James’, we recognise the exceptional sporting talent of some of our pupils. Sports Day provides children from year 3 to year 6 to partake competitively in a variety of athletics events including: sprinting, long jump, javelin and relay. Parents are invited to see their children participate in individual and team events on the day.

In these sessions the pupils take part in a wide variety of sporting activities including those of a competitive nature and team-based sports. Here at St James’ we believe that, given opportunities to take part in a range of high quality PE activities, children will develop the life skills of team-work, resilience, meeting challenges and setting high aspirations for themselves. We employ a part-time sports coach to ensure that our sports provision is of the very highest quality.

Curriculum Plans