In science we take a ‘hands on’ approach to learning. This encourages children to think for themselves and to test out their ideas.

More Information for Science:

This year we have taken great strides to develop creativity through science. We aim to teach science through developing investigative skills by using practical approaches. This can be seen throughout all classrooms, with the development of scientific investigation areas designed to challenge pupils’ understanding of different topics, through questions and the practical use of scientific equipment.

At the start of a new topic, teachers elicit children’s ideas, which are then probed and challenged through questioning and investigation. We have also introduced specific teaching resources, which encourage scientific enquiry, and help raise questions within peer groups. These investigations and questions develop numerous skills and understanding, which include predicting, making observations, taking measurements, considering and evaluating evidence.

Throughout the topic, teachers assess and evaluate children’s understanding, to inform their future planning. At the end of the topic, teachers assess a child’s understanding and use of scientific skills. This enables teachers to identify children’s strengths and areas for developments and adapt their teaching to support children more effectively.