Dress code

In order that children are suitably clothed for school, the Governing Body recommends that we adhere to a dress code. At St James’, we would like children to wear:

  • Sensible shoes in black, grey or brown.  We do not think it is healthy for children to wear trainers all day.
  • Trousers, skirt or culottes in grey or black
  • Jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan in royal blue
  • T-shirt, blouse or shirt in white or blue

Ethnic dress in the appropriate colour will also be suitable.  A school sweatshirt, P.E. bag and polo shirt can be bought from the school office.

Clothing for P.E.

All the children have P.E. twice a week.  For reasons of safety and hygiene, it is essential that your child changes into a P.E. kit and does not keep the same clothes on after exercise.  Girls should wear T-shirt, shorts or leotard, boys wear T-shirt and shorts.  For indoor PE children should wear plimsolls or have bare feet.  For outside activities such as games, children may wear plimsolls or trainers.