St James’ Junior School believes that technology has an integral role in teaching and learning across the entire curriculum. Computing is therefore taught both as a discrete subject allowing for skill development and progression in line with National expectations; as well as being used to support and encourage learning and teaching in other subject areas.

We are a well-resourced school with a computer and an interactive whiteboard in every classroom. We also have a Multimedia Suite that has twelve workstations, an interactive touch screen whiteboard and also houses an iMac and an ActivTable. There are now further computing resources available for students and teachers to use throughout the school from the Year 3 up to Year 6. This access to technology enables the development of understanding and ability in our children that creates the basis for their further technological understanding.

Online safety is taught each half term with special lessons to focus on how to keep safe on-line. Every computing lesson also has an online safety link, so that online safety is embedded in our children. All computers are networked and linked to the Internet. The school has an ‘Acceptable use’ policy, which parents and pupils’ are asked to agree to, before their child uses the Internet. We are also supported by the borough team for our curriculum and firewall, ensuring that children are protected from inappropriate content at all times.