School Leadership Team Shirleyann Jones  Headteacher
Fiona Hall Deputy Headteacher
Rosemarie Sutherland  Assistant Headteacher, Phase Leader for Y3/4, 
Year 3 Group Leader, Subject Leader for English
Rose Boland-Bourne  Assistant Headteacher, Phase Leader for Y5/6, Year 5 Group Leader
Subject Leader for Mathematics, First Aid
Senior Teacher Daniel Danquah SEND Leader, First Aid
Year 3 Marashnie Salunkha Year 3 Class Teacher
Danielle Inkster Year 3 Class Teacher, 
Subject Leader for Music, First Aid
Saliha Nazir Year 3 Class Teacher
Ade Olagundoye Subject Leader and Coach for PE
Year 3 Support
Year 4 Christopher Avey Year 4 Group Leader, Year 4 Class Teacher
Acting Subject Leader for RE
Shahana Yasmeen Year 4 Class Teacher
EAL Leader
Sarah Bernie Year 4 Class Teacher
Year 5 Sabina Parvin Year 5 Class Teacher
Charles Elliott-Rey Year 5 Class Teacher, 
Acting Subject Leader for MFL
James Mason Year 5 Class Teacher
Year 6 Juber Jahedi Year 6 Group Leader, Year 6 Class Teacher
Subject leader for Computing and Multimedia, First Aid
Sharon Govender Year 6 Class Teacher
Subject leader for Humanities
Andreea Baciut Year 6 Class Teacher,
Subject Leader for Science
Katy Pender Year 6 Class Teacher
Maternity Leave Lelema Miah Class Teacher (Part-time)
Sharon Davis Office & Finance Manager, 
Early Intervention Team
Victoria Grech Senior Administrative  & Welfare Officer, 
Early Intervention Team, First Aid
Sandra Brignull Administrative Officer, First Aid
Cansu Yilmaz Learning Mentor
Early Intervention Team & First Aid
Paul Marchant Site Supervisor, First Aid
Tracy Horne EAL Co -coordinator,
Academic Assistant, First Aid
Vanessa Maxim Phonics Manager
Academic Assistant, First Aid
Mary Muir  Display and Community Co-ordinator
Academic Assistant ,  First Aid
Christos Vlachopoulos Academic  Assistant
Nadira Begum Academic Assistant& First Aid
Shilpi Begum Academic Assistant & First Aid
Ranjana Davdra Academic  Assistant & First Aid
Carol McLeod Academic Assistant & First Aid
Chantal Ntoni Academic Assistant (Part time) & First Aid
Nahar Zerrouk Academic Assistant & First Aid
Tenayne Abayneh           Lunchtime Supervisor & First Aid
Jacqueline Campbell Lunchtime Supervisor & First Aid
Rahela Ahmed Lunchtime Supervisor
Shifa Begum Lunchtime Supervisor & First Aid
Reba Miah Lunchtime Supervisor & First Aid
Nida Khan Lunchtime Supervisor & First Aid
  Oluwasegun Oyenigba Lunchtime Supervisor & First Aid
Maternity Leave Khaleda Begum Academic Assistant & First Aid